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What a relief to find the traditional healing practices of Yoga in todays world – there is so many inexperienced people who take a bit from here or there and this is not at all helping or healing – often leaving the person injured in body or mind. Mata is a true Yogi and she offers a very healing, soothing and inspiring sanctuary for people to rejuvenate, refresh and re set their lives. My own practice has grown as a result, I have had the opportunity to detox from life in Sydney while strengthening my own practices and self. With these changes in my own life I am able to assist others recently with a brain injury, severe heart attack, diabetes and obesity – in a subtle way. Thank you for your service Matajii to opening her home temple near Byron Bay Australia. (Zoe Campbell)

A space so needed around the Byron Bay Area for sharing the more esoteric aspects of yoga. (Christina Fahey)

Authentic yogic experience in a beautiful location. So much potential for offerings for the community. (Gretta Free)

Yoga therapy with Mata has been deeply restorative on all levels. Mata’s devotion to her practice and teachings and the knowledge she has to share on the yogic/ Ayurvedic philosophy is profound and inspiring. If you are looking for traditional yoga; mind, body, spirit immersion I highly recommend Mata and her courses offered. (Rosalee Mulkerrins)

This is perhaps one of the few Hindu temples in Australia run on the traditional sytem of Sanatan Dharma . It also offers courses of Bhakti, Jnana, Raj and Ashtanga Yoga on the lines of the Bihar School of Yoga. Regular poojas, havavnas and mantra classes are held. The temple and ashrama are ably supervised by Sadhvi Mātariśvan Gurupriya an ordained disciple of the Bihar School of Yoga. She has years of experience in conducting such classes and she herself is a deeply religious person. I wish the Temple all the best in the years to come in spreading universal values. (Sunil Ģorawara)

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