Calendar of Festivals and Programs at Shiva Parvati Dharma Yoga

Bellow is the whole year’s ahead of Yoga Programs and Yoga Festivals compacted in a PDF:

You can download the PDF or separate JPG images:

June 2021 to Dec 2021 Programs and Events

Dec 2021 to Jun 2022 Programs and Events

Short Outline of Programs and Events Jun’21-Jun’22

Get Involved

There are two options to get involved – for dedicated aspirants as a short/long-term “Ashram resident”, perfecting your personal Yoga practice and skills of service, or as a visiting program participant to get that “life-saving” boost of inspiration to maintain a “Yoga Lifestyle”.

Karma Yoga is the “Yoga of Perfection”. Sages told us that in order to perfect our practice, we need to discard the sense of ownership over the fruit of our actions. This way the fundamental quality of a Yogi gets developed – Vairagya, the power of renunciation.

The major difference is that in a “Yoga Lifestyle” option, most of the Karma Yoga time is dedicated to learning wholesome Ayurvedic cooking, while “Ashram Lifestyle” includes all the projects: organic gardening, maintenance of the grounds, preparing the programs, and so on.

1. For those who wish to have some precious time away from busy life, deeply immersing into a Yoga Lifestyle and learning knowledge not revealed in the mainstream Yoga industry, the great time to come is for a Special Program – Deep Meditation, Navaratri, Cleanses, etc. to have a group spirit that is known to amplify our resolve.

All the Special Programs are priced at $180/day: 2-day $360, 5-day $900, 6-day $1080, 7-day $1260, 9-day $1620.

2. If you are seeking a quiet peaceful time for your self only, as a personal retreat to restore vitality and regain powers, use the options bellow:

Schedule of Daily Classes

Bellow is the schedule of classes open for the wider community.

Residents and program participants have their own daily classes starting at 5:30am and during the Special Program days a completely packed day of Yoga practices.

How to Book?

Please, email or text 0404 351 252 for more details.