Classes and Courses: 6-week Yoga courses starting June 2021

Three restorative Yoga courses offered at the end of June weekly progress a student by addressing the cause of physical pain, stiffness and overall health deterioration underlying the symptoms.

If you are considering to take all the 3 courses and are new to Yoga, the ideal sequence would be to complete firstly the 6 weeks of Yoga For Joints, then 6 weeks of Yoga For Backs, then 6 weeks of Yoga For Reproductive System.

All the three courses will be offered again in the future for consolidation, re-tuning and further development.

SUNDAYS 9-10am: Yoga For Reproductive System
(Energy release series)

TUESDAYS 5-6:30pm: Yoga For Backs
(Anti-gastric series)

THURSDAYS 5-6:30pm: Yoga For Joints
(Anti-rheumatic series)

Location: “Yoga with Mata” in Middle Pocket
Book: 0404 351 252

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